A Bad Day...

My wife was having a bad travel day today.  In a brief conversation with her she was pissed and fuming pretty good.  I in my infinite wisdom decided to be tough and tell her that she needed to relax and not let the little shit get her so riled up.  She proceeded to hang up the phone and within 5 minutes she forwarded an email that I had sent to her back to me. One that I sent to her several months ago.  She must have held on to it waiting for just the right moment to fire it back at me.  LOL.  God I love this woman.  Point made.  I will shut the fuck up.

Here's the email.  Enjoy...

Good Morning Babe,

I need to vent for a minute.  Sorry.... 

So it started this morning at 3am. My alarm went off and I was pissed off right away. I snoozed until the very last minute and reluctantly got in the shower and got ready.

I called and scheduled a cab the night before and by some miracle I was ready in time for my scheduled pickup. The problem was, the cab was nowhere to be found. I called them and the ditzy bitch on the phone said that pick up times were "not guaranteed".  I then asked the logical question. "Then why the fuck do you take reservations in the first place?"  She mumbled some nonsense that only made me more pissed off so I thanked her for her companies substandard and shitty service, hung up and continued to stew.

The cab arrives 35 minutes late and sitting in the passenger seat is a woman. The driver explains that she is "training" for some back office job and needed to see how things work in the "field".  I thought is was odd but frankly didn't give a shit and promptly put my "fuck off don't speak to me" earbuds in and cranked up the angriest music I could find. Within 5 minutes of driving I notice that the "trainee" has her head hanging down and is sleeping...I mean hard core sleeping. WTF?  Now I'm thinking that my cab was late because it had something to do with this broad in the front seat who was obviously not a "trainee". Anger gave me a big bear hug.

So I get to the airport and today of all days the TSA guy decides that he wants to have a conversation with me about my iPhone and how the Israelis just hacked the iPhone. Under normal circumstances I would be cordial and speak to the man. This morning I just stared at him until it was uncomfortable and he said "Well ok. You have a nice day."

I go directly to Starbucks and the line is long and slow. I watch in disbelief as person after idiotic person gets up the register and then proceed to stare like dumb-asses at the menu board trying to figure out what they want. First of all, you had all that time in this long ass fucking line to figure your shit out and you wait till the last minute to start looking?  FUCK YOU! Second, they ALL HAD THE STARBUCKS APP ON THEIR PHONES!!!!!  so they were not "new" to this menu or process. They've done this before and yet they still needed to figure their shit out at the register?  SEIOUSLY FUCK YOU!!!!  I've obviously not had coffee yet given the hour and the line I'm fucking standing in and these people are purposefully pushing my buttons and getting on my last fucking nerve. Unbelievable.

I'm now on the plane and when I land I get to "start" my long ass work day with a difficult customer and some employees that if they are smart will not try their typical bitching and complaining routine with me today.  Life is good.

Anyway, I love you.  I hope you have a better start to your day than me.