Spatial Awareness & Personal Space

Mrs Jake and I just returned from a much needed vacation in Europe. We traveled 5 countries over 3 weeks and during that time we had many great experiences.  One of which stands out and I wanted to share here.

Spatial awareness is apparently not something that is inherently bestowed on everyone. Whether it's not noticing that they walked right into another persons path without acknowledging the etiquette breech or bumping into people because they are not paying attention.  People with poor spatial awareness piss me off. There. I said it. In 2017 we are all somewhat self absorbed. Taking selfies, tweeting or just being lost and confused. I get it, but we all can perceive motion in our general vicinity. If you're in the middle of a walkway for example and you perceive movement around you, MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. You know where you're standing and you know someone is coming towards you. Seriously, move!  Why must I tell you to move?

I start my day being polite. "Excuse me". By noon I'm annoyed. (I just stop and stare the person down until they realize they are in the damn way and awkwardly move) and by the evening I'm a dick. "Move!"

When it comes to personal space, I have this to say...  I know that this may sound racially insensitive but (a) It's true and (b) I don't care.  I've found that Asians and Indians are the WORST when it comes to personal space.  If I had a Euro for every time I wanted to say "Dude, don't stand so fucking close to me." I could have paid for our whole trip.  I'm convinced that the definition of acceptable personal space is defined by culture and varies greatly as a result.

This isn't to say that people in the US aren't afflicted with poor spatial awareness or incapable of breaching personal space, but I will say that I experience it less here at home.  Anyway, that's all for this post.  Short and sweet and somewhat of a rant.  Thanks for reading.