Proper Men's Room Etiquette

There's an unspoken etiquette associated with using public restrooms and pretty much every guy on the planet would agree that "It is universally accepted that using an adjacent urinal to an occupied urinal is a huge faux pas in men's room etiquette" but sometimes it gets more complicated.  Many times there are not enough empty urinals available to obey this common man-sense rule. 

When things do get complicated and you have to make a judgement call in real time, surprisingly, most men learn this particular skill with no formal training whatsoever.  Instinctively, we somehow seem to know which urinal to use when we walk into a restroom when some of the urinals are occupied.  This post is inspired by a website that I happened to come across recently.  It's called urinalman.  It's a quiz site that presents you with scenarios and you have to choose which urinal you would use given the open and available options.  I scored an A+.   That apparently means that I make the same urinal selections as the majority of other guys that have taken this test.  The score is based on the most common choices by other test takers.  At the time of my taking the quiz, 242,231 other guys had "gone" before me. (Bad pun intended)

Putting the silliness aside for just a moment, this whole thing got me thinking.  Why did I make the choices that I made?  What is the psychology (if any) behind my choices?  I didn't want to go too deep on this because in the end who really gives a shit, but I was curious and it provided a nice little mental diversion at the time.  Here's what I learned.  Shockingly, there is a HUGE amount of content on the internet around the topic of how men pee in public.  Who knew? 

On a separate but related note, outside of etiquette, one thing that I don't understand are the guys that stand on an angle when using a urinal. They angle themselves to ensure that in the unlikely case that someone will look over at them, the "peeker" has no chance of catching a glimpse of their junk.  Why?  Are they embarrassed about the size of their penis?  Are they afraid of having another man lusting after them?  What gives?  Whenever I see this phenomenon I always chuckle and find myself making up stories as to why that particular individual is so concerned about having his dick seen by others.  Depending on the individual, my creative narrative can be quite funny.