HBO's Conferderate

This will be a short post.  There seems to be some controversy lately about a new HB0 show that has just been green-lit called Confederate.  It's an alternative reality show that assumes the Confederacy won the Civil War.  Apparently many of my fellow African American peoples are pissed off about it.  For the record, I'm proud to be a black man but in this case I have to shake my head and wonder what in the holy Hell is wrong with so many of my people.  It's a TV show. No one is advocating slavery. 


Our country's history is what it is.  Get the fuck over it.  Jewish people didn't bitch about The Man In the High Castle.  Why do we feel the need to personalize every damn thing and take offense to simple shit.  Maybe its worth taking the chip off your shoulder to consider the fact that maybe, just maybe seeing what "could" have happened just might help some people see how awful a world with such oppression could be.  Think I'm off base?  Consider this...

Everyone knows where beef comes from BUT actually seeing the butchering process is still shocking.  If we pretend like bad shit never happened we can't learn from the errors of our ways. 

Smarten up and stop being so damn sensitive.