Foodie Surprises From Around The Country

During my travels across the US and elsewhere, I'm always checking out cool foodie types of places.  From time to time I will write about places that really stand out and pleasantly surprise me.  I hope you enjoy.

Il Ritrovo Pizzeria and Italian Specialty Store

I have to admit that this place was a HUGE surprise.  Growing up on the East coast in Northern New Jersey and New York, and given my background as a trained chef, I was groomed to be a food snob...especially when it comes to pizza.  My ex-wife's family is off the boat Italian and are very good home-style cooks and pizza makers which made matters even worse when it comes to my ability to tolerate shitty Italian food.

My experience has been that food in Wisconsin (outside of Milwaukee) for the most part sucks.  Sorry Wisconsin people but you know I'm speaking truth.  Anyway, hense my shock when I happened into this place.   This place is legit.  For real legit.  It warrants a stop if you're ever passing through.

515 S. 8th St. Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 803-7516
Visit Their Website Here

The Shaved Duck

The Shaved Duck is a barbecue restaurant and smokehouse in St. Louis. It's also a cool place for music.  The food was very good but for me the overall vibe of the place was what really stood out to me.  When you drive out to this place, it feels like you're in a neighborhood.  It's a gem in the midst of a residential area.  Loved it.

2900 Virginia Ave. St.Louis, MO 63118
(314) 776 1407
Visit Their Website Here