June is Pride Month In Chicago

I have many friends that are gay and I love them all dearly.  Even though I'm not gay, I'm happy and proud to fly the flag in support of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and I look forward to Pride each year.  June is Pride month in Chicago and few cities have a greater variety of Pride-related events going on than Chicago. 

Every year in Chicago, Pride Month features close to one hundred different social, cultural, athletic and political events coordinated by various community organizations, groups and individuals. The events take place in different areas of the Chicago metro area. They include choral concerts, workshops, dances, picnics, religious services, plays, film screenings, 5K & 10 K runs, a street festival, a dyke march and the Annual Pride Parade, just to name a few.  The most significant Pride events take place primarily in late June, with Chicago PrideFest taking place June 20 and June 21, 2015, a week before the Chicago Pride Parade which is held on June 28th. We usually attend PrideFest and the Pride Parade.  Both are a good time.