Confessions From a Member of the 300 Club

I used to weigh more than 300 pounds, hence my membership in the 300 Club.  It is not a club that anyone should strive to join.  I was what doctors consider to be “morbidly obese”.  For years I wanted to lose the weight but I never made it a priority.  I always had an excuse or a reason why I would do it later.  Compounding the issue, I’m a foodie and a stress eater.   

The stars aligned for me and I was finally able to pull it together and get the weight off.  I’m not sure that many of the circumstances that helped me are duplicatable but I’ll share how it happened for me nonetheless.

Group Competition & Vanity

I participated in a weight loss competition at my job. At the time I was new to the company and as a fairly senior level guy, my ego and competitive nature would not allow me to publicly fail in front of my peers and subordinates.  I didn’t need to win, but I certainly couldn’t fail miserably.  I hardly knew my coworkers and I knew that first impressions are super important.  Talking big up front and then not delivering, was not an option.  It could literally set a negative tone for me professionally and that was not going to happen.  I needed to make meaningful and measurable progress.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  90 days and 80 pounds later I was the male winner of the contest.

If you are a competitive person and looking to drop some lbs, I recommend joining a competition and putting your ego on the line. 

I Had a Great Work Out Partner & Personal Trainer

I’m a NY Giants fan and I met a loud mouthed Dallas Cowboys fan in a bar.  Despite our mutual hatred for each others favorite football team, we hit it off and became friends.  He turned out to be a former personal trainer turned fitness model and Chippendale style stripper.  He and I would get together every Sunday at a local bar to watch football and drink.   When the contest at work started, I asked him if he would train me.  He agreed.  He kicked my ass everyday for 90 days and in the end when I won, I was given a 50” Plasma TV by my company. (Remember, this was many years ago when a 50” TV was huge and plasma was the shit lol) I gave the TV to him as a thank you. 

The point here is that I genuinely liked him and I wanted to build a friendship with this guy. He was super fun, active, a local native that could help me get better integrated and he was very good looking. I mention good looking because honestly, as a guy that was about to go through a divorce, having hot male stripper friends can be an asset.  I’m just saying…  Anyway, I had been around long enough to know that in order to build a friendship as an adult, you need to have frequent and regular communication and interaction.  Otherwise life gets in the way and things eventually peter out.  Having said all of that, I was motivated to meet him every morning at 6AM for my workout.  In the end our friendship grew, we had some serious fun along the way and he eventually became my roommate after my divorce.  We are still very good friends to this day. 

The bottom line is if you can find a workout partner that can help with continued commitment.  Personal trainers are great but sometimes they are transactional.  For me I needed to know what to do but even more so I needed someone that I didn’t want to let down.

I Was Miserable At Home. 

Another big driver for me was my shitty marriage at the time.  I was running fast and hard towards a divorce and as a result I was a much happier man out of the house than I was at home. I needed to find a reason to be gone that didn’t cause a fight with my then wife and couldn’t be used against me (Think abandonment) or cost me more money in the upcoming divorce proceedings (cheating husbands get screwed ‘no pun intended’).  Going to the gym to work out was the perfect answer.

I don't wish a shitty marriage on anyone so unless you find yourself in this situation already, you probably want to skip this one. :-)