How Low Do You Have To Go Before a Private Matter Becomes Fair Game For Open Conversation?

Relationship problems, health problems, financial troubles, you name it. From time to time we all have problems.  It’s a fact of life.  Rough spots in life happen and most of us deal with these personal problems quietly and privately.  We suffer in silence, without telling anyone what we are going through and without asking for help from even those closest to us.  I mean after all, these are private matters right? 

Recently I’ve had a number of friends and family open up and share some very private and personal problems that they’ve been dealing with.  I won’t mention any details here but it did get me thinking about one thing.  “How low do you have to go before a private matter becomes fair game for open conversation and why does it need to get so bad before we decide to open up?”  I think the obvious answer is “Well it depends.” But generally speaking, oftentimes, we feel that we can handle the situation ourselves or may be too ashamed to admit to our loved ones that we have made a mistake that we need help with.

But, sometimes you cannot handle everything alone. After all, humans are social creatures by nature and we need interaction with others in order to thrive and succeed. Once the flood gates have been opened on talking about your problems, it can be hard to stop talking to anyone that will listen. It is almost like you are unburdening yourself of your problems by divulging them to someone else and it feels so good it is almost addicting and you just can’t stop yourself.