Your Loved Ones Ashes In A Glass Dildo? Really?

Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom recently revealed his new product called 21 Grams.  21 Grams is his version of a Memory Box.  If you're not familiar with what a memory box is, it's a keepsake box that some people use when they suffer a loss of a child or loved one.  They usually contain objects belonging to or representing the deceased child to help relatives come to terms with their loss.

The twist here is that Mr. Sturkenboom's memory box is designed with a more intimate purpose in mind.  21 Grams was designed for widows to use to remember their deceased husbands.  The box comes with a handy lock and a key that doubles as a necklace pendant so the widow can keep it close to her heart, a cologne spritzer so she can remember his "scent", an iPod dock so she can listen to music that reminds her of him AND a blown glass dildo that holds a small golden urn with 21 grams of the deceased's ashes in it.

I have so many thoughts and comments on this one that I'm literally stunned into speechlessness....