A Wedding Ceremony With A Twist... Literally!

This post was written as a guest post for a Wedding Blog.  Despite the fact that virtually 100% of my readers are men, I'm sharing it here for any of you that might be planning a wedding.  I'm pretty sure you guys won't care much even if you are planning a wedding BUT it just might win you some bonus points with the fiance and make you look like you are interested, involved and actually participating in the process. :-)

A few days ago I received a call from the venue where my wife and I were married. They were looking for a few wedding photos of ours that they could share with a few couples that are in the planning phase for their upcoming summer weddings.  They wanted photos of our ceremony seating configuration.  The venue has a great mix of indoor and outdoor space.  We chose to have the ceremony outside on the lawn.  This was a second wedding for both of us and at our age and stage of life we felt it wasn't important for us to have many of the standard ceremony elements.  For example, we didn't want the traditional center aisle with a bride and groom's side for our guests.  We had long since become one family in our hearts and minds so that notion really didn't work for us.  We wanted to walk down the aisle together, hand-in-hand and kiss, hug and otherwise greet our guests along the way.

To accomplish this, we setup the ceremony chairs in a spiral formation so that there were no "his and hers" sides.  It worked out perfectly.  We reserved a few seats at the center of the circle for our children, and parents and then allowed the other guests to seat themselves anywhere along the line of chairs.  We were married in the center of the spiral which allowed all of our guests to see us.

For both of us, the best part was the ability to see and greet everyone as we walked down the aisle.  Obviously that type of entrance takes more time than the traditional wedding march but it was perfect for us and really set the tone for the casual but classy wedding that we wanted.  We had an acoustic guitar and vocalist duo playing which also worked great since they were able to keep playing until we made it to the center.  Looking back at the pictures of the day, some of our favorites are those that were taken with our friends and family as we greeted them along the aisle.  We received many great comments and tons of positive feedback about the setup.  Our guests loved it.