50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours

My wife and I both like to read.  We have lots of books and several book shelves in our home.  Yesterday I was looking for a particular book for work and stumbled across a book that I gave my wife while we were still dating.  It stopped me in my tracks and immediately made me smile.  I gave this book to her after I had been a particularly large douche bag one night. 

The following day I saw this book while out and about and bought it as a gift and a way to make up for being a bit of a dick. The book is called 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours by Justin Racz.  I loved it because although I wasn't at my best, it clearly showed that comparatively speaking, I wasn't all that bad.  She didn’t necessarily agree but in the end she did marry me so it looks like I was right after all.  :-)

The following are a few of my favorite Boyfriends worse than me…

#9 One Position Peter

My favorite line is "He's also the One-Minute Man."

#20 Man With Cats

My favorite line is "His Place: Small, dimly lit with hair covered furniture and the Fresh Step ain't smelling so fresh."

#44 The Activist

My favorite quote is "He'd rather be chained to the White House gate for two days than go to Cape Cod for the weekend.