Yes Guys, Pedicures Are For Us Too

2008-02-04 09.52.42-1.jpg

Spring is here and it’s getting warm out which inevitably means flip flops and other types of open toed sandals are about to make their way out of closets everywhere and onto people's feet.  Personally I enjoy being barefoot and I would wear flip flops everyday if weather permitted it. Here's the problem though, for some reason, many guys have some very nasty things going on with their feet... things that could be avoided with a simple pedicure. 

Women can be guilty too but generally its us guys that are the primary offenders. Outside of clipping toenails and risking eye injury from the shrapnel, for many men it’s like they’re blind when it comes to how their feet look.  It seems like there is some overly macho bullshit stigma that only gay men, metrosexuals and women get pedicures.  For the record, you’re NOT more of a man if your feet are all jacked up, scaly, cracked and gross.  The fact of the matter is that pedicures are for people with feet, and yes guys, that includes us.  Don't believe me or maybe you just don't give a shit?  Ask a few women what they think.  I'm willing to bet that they will back me up on this one. 

Pedicures are just another basic good grooming practice.  Beyond the aesthetics, there are other benefits for getting pedicures.  If you work standing on you feet or if you're active playing sports you'll enjoy the foot massage, trust me.  Also, pedicures can reduce infection risks by removing dead skin and bacteria as well as remove calluses and reduce the recurrence of bad foot odor.

So, before you head for the door with flip flops or barefeet, please stop and take a look at your feet and assess the situation.   Are you really good to go?  Be honest.  Is it kind of nasty?  If it is, please go get a pedicure.

You're welcome....