The Alfresco ALX2 36" Grill


I just recently purchased the Alfresco LX2 36-Inch Grill for my outdoor kitchen.  I spent a fair amount of time reviewing high end luxury grills and during that process I reviewed several fantastic options before settling on the Alfresco.  I walked into the Outdoor Kitchen Store in Tampa with the intention to purchase the Lynx 36” grill but I was blown away by the Alfresco and made a game time decision to change. 

I also ended up purchasing the Alfresco double side burner to go along with the grill.  The end result gives me a very nice outdoor cooking setup that has tons of versatility.

Alfresco has a great clean and polished look that I love but most importantly it has a few key features that I really pushed me over the edge.  Below are a few that were important to me.

hidden Rotisserie motor

hidden Rotisserie motor

The Rotisserie

One of the nice features about the Alfresco is the hidden rotisserie motor.  Unlike other grill rotisserie systems, this one does not require an external motor box that must be put on and taken off before and after each use.  Alfresco has a unique chain-driven, 120 lb. torque system that’s super quiet and turns the food at a smooth and consistent speed no matter how many pounds of meat I have on there. I personally love the clean design of a fully integrated and hidden system.  Simple is my best friend.  This system is complex by design but simple to use.  Love it.


Integrated, Wood Smoker & Herb Infusion System

Wood burner

Wood burner

Another cool feature is the wood smoke box with a dedicated 5,000 BTU burner. This is really nice because it allows me to add wood and/or herb flavor to the grilling process in a much more controlled manner.  The system has great cold smoke capabilities as well. The drawer holds large chunks of wood, and linear defusing vents naturally eject smoke at up to 200º to the food zone.  Think mesquite and herb smoke flavor infusion for those NY Strips that you’re about to grill up.  Mmmmmm


Additional features that were important to me but not necessarily unique to Alfresco include:

  • Integrated high-intensity halogen work lights.  This feature is not unique to Alfresco and can be found on several other high end grills but it was still a requirement for me.
  • Made In The U.S.A.  Made from all commercial-grade 304, 18-8 stainless steel, all heli-arc hand-welded seams with no mechanical fasteners.
  • A fryer/steamer insert that fits right into the grill (which is great for keeping the smell out of the house when I make wings as well as steaming lobsters and crab legs.)
  • Commercial style griddle with a 3/16″ solid stainless steel plate, side and back splash, great for teppan, fajitas and breakfast.
  • Hood assist system. I generally like to feel the heft of the grill cover, reminding me of it’s quality however the hood assist lifting system is really nice and lets my wife and kids feel comfortable using the grill.